Sunday, November 5, 2023

Taipei - Fuzhou Ancestral Pepper Cake and backstreet pork noodles

 Black pepper cakes/buns are a Taiwanese street food staple. We had them on a previous visit from the stall in the Raohe night market and really enjoyed them.

This time, we tried a little corner spot called "Fuzhou Ancestral Pepper Cake" located in the neighborhood south of Taipei Main Station. Pork and scallion, with a lot of black pepper. Super hot and tasty.

Nearby, we cut down a small alley to find some pork noodles we had been recommended.

The shop owners were very friendly. I don't have an English name for the place - it is 城中老牌牛肉拉麵大王 in Chinese. Here is a google maps link.

The bowl of noodles was large and filling enough that we shared it between the two of us. The minced pork reminded me a bit of Lu Rou Fan - but it also had a fair amount of garlic in it (you can see some minced garlic on the side of the bowl). It also came with a bowl of extra pork broth, which was very rich and flavorful.

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