Sunday, November 5, 2023

Taipei - Dongmen Market

One of the places we enjoyed walking around on our previous trip was the Dongmen market area, so we made sure to revisit it.

It was mid-morning, and the market was in full swing.

Lots of little shops were busy making dumplings - presumably for the lunch rush.

We don't often go for sweet items, but this stall selling custard-filled pastries caught our eye.

They had a slightly crispy waffle-like exterior, with a soft inside and a custard filling. Warm and delicious.

We were happy to see this woman selling savory fried pastries in the same spot she was in when we visited five years ago. We had a radish-filled one, and it was great.

We also bought a sausage and snacked on it later sitting in Da'an Forest Park. It was juicy, flavored with something like five-spice and slightly sweet.

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