Friday, November 10, 2023

Kuala Lumpur - Laksa Kg Baru and KLCC Mall Yong Tau Foo

One rainy evening (most evenings have been rainy for an hour or so during our visit), we had dinner at Laksa Kg Baru.

The owner was very friendly and helpful, and took us through the menu.

They specialize in Laksa and Kari Mee (curry laksa).

We made a bit of a mistake by both ordering curry laksa. We got slightly different versions - one with mee (wheat noodles) and one with bihun (fine rice noodles) and chicken and beef added. We prefered the bihun version, as the texture of the mee was a bit too soft. Favorite parts were the bits of fried tofu and tofu skin soaking in the broth.

Another evening, we found ourselves hungry in the KLCC mall (we'd come there in search of an ATM that would take our debit card). We ended up having Yong Tau Foo for the first time in the mall food court. You pick a set of ingredients (we got water spinach, bok choi, fish cake, fish balls, eggplant, bitter melon, and a big chili all stuffed with fish paste, and tofu skin), tell them how you want it (we got soup with rice noodles), and they prep it up for you. We really enjoyed it, and look forward to having Yong Tau Foo again in a non-mall context.

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