Monday, March 31, 2008

Mexico In Review

At the beginning of 2008, we spent a fantastic couple of months traveling in Mexico. Below is an index of all of the blog posts from the trip, grouped by location.

Mexico City:
Mexico City

Mexico City
Mexico City - Salón Corona
Mexico City - Happy Chinese New Year!
Mexico City - Candelaria
Mexico City - El Vampiro
Mexico City - Bellas Artes
Mexico City - Slow Food Tamalada and Mescal Tasting
Mexico City - Some Miscellaneous Pictures
Mexico City - Views From La Torre Latinoamerica
Mexico City - Boating the Canals at Xochimilco
Mexico City - The Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Post
Mexico City - The Red Tree House
Mexico City - El Huarache Azteca
Mexico City - Chapultepec Park
Mexico City - Tacos Al Pastor at El Tizoncito
Mexico City - More Miscellaneous Pictures


Oaxaca - Season of My Heart Cooking School
Oaxaca - Tamales at the Etla Market
Oaxaca - More Tasting at Etla Market
Oaxaca - Pipían
Oaxaca - Tetelas de Juxtlahuaca
Oaxaca - More Cooking Class Dishes
Oaxaca - Celebrations in the Street
Oaxaca - Mariscos La Red
Oaxaca - El Tlapanochestli Cochineal Farm
Oaxaca - Mexican Breakfast
Oaxaca - Anatomy of a Carnicería
Oaxaca - Mole Coloradito
Oaxaca - Dance Festival
Oaxaca - La Biznaga
Oaxaca - Some Miscellaneous Pictures

Both coasts: Puerto Escondido and Veracruz:
Puerto Escondido and Veracruz

Getting from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido (and back)
Puerto Escondido - La Vida Tranquila
Veracruz - Breakfast at Antojitos Lolita
Veracruz - Port of Veracruz and San Juan de Ulúa
Veracruz - Café Lechero at Gran Café de la Parroquia
Veracruz - Fish Market

And some more food pictures from the trip:

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  1. Thanks for blogging your trip - it's always nice to be reading about Mexico when the snow is dumping down here. (Yep, masses of snow in late March. Not so typical for Seattle...)


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