Friday, January 14, 2011

Feast of the Seven Fishes 2010 - A Video

I finally got around to putting together a video from the footage I took during our Feast of the Seven Fishes this past Christmas Eve.

It was the first time I've done video editing like this - it was frustrating at first, but fun once I familiarized myself with the editing software (Sony Vegas).

Monday, January 3, 2011

Time Off

Guest Photographer

We recently had a great visit with our friends Tom and Elise, who came out west from Boulder for a few days between Christmas and New Year.

Elise is the proud new owner of the same camera I recently gifted myself (the Canon Rebel T2i), so I took a welcome rest from photography (I needed one after our seven-fish feast) and she documented the food during their stay.

Other than the "meta" shot above, I did take a picture to document our first whole octopus experience (from Catalina Offshore, naturally):


For the rest of the savory details, head on over to Elise and Tom's blog.