Friday, November 17, 2023

Malacca - Capitol Seafood

We had dinner one night at Capitol Seafood - one of several seafood stalls down an alley off of Jalan Bunga Raya in Malacca.

The speciality is small shellfish (cockles, clams, snails).

Our favorites of the shellfish were the cockles - dark-fleshed and nice and strong flavored. Even better dipped in the provided sauce which had a mixture of saltiness, acidity, umami and heat.

We also really like the smal clams - nice, clean flavor.

The snails were quite pretty, and they were fun to eat (you suck on one end to loosen it, and then on the other end to pull them out). They didn't taste like much, though.

We weren't huge fans of the squid (sotong). It mostly just was a textural component, without much actual flavor.

We also ordered a small plate of rojak. It was our first time having this dish, and we really enjoyed it. This version had tofu skin, fish cakes, and pinapple topped with a couple of sauces (one sweet and one savory) with a splash of sambal on the side.

Another vendor came by selling otak-otak (fish cakes steamed in banana leaves) and we couldn't resist getting a couple. They were very good.

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