Friday, November 17, 2023

Malacca - Hotel breakfasts and snacks

Our hotel in Malacca (Heeren Palm Suites) put on a very nice breakfast spread. They did eggs to order, and most mornings one or both of us had some half-cooked eggs with white pepper and seasoned soy sauce. We first had eggs this way in a kopitam in Singapore, and it has been a breakfast favorite of ours ever since.

They also had a small buffet of interesting dishes that varied each morning we were there. They also had some sort of rice poridge each morning. The first day, we both loaded up on veg since our recent diet had been a bit lacking in that department. They also had a chicken curry and a mee goreng.

Another morning they had a different kind of chicken dish and a squid and fish cake dish that was delicious.

And yet another morning, they had nasi lemak (coconut rice) with peanuts, ikan bilis and sambal.

Each day they also had other snack items which we took to go. The first morning was a plate of various local kuih treats.

One was sticky rice stuffed with a palm sugar filling.

The pretty stamped one was probably the least interesting tasting. Not sure what the filling was.

The fried one was, I think, a kuih bakul - though very different tasting from the one we had in KL.

The cone-shaped one was a kind of pulut tai tai (blue glutinous rice cake) - very traditional in the region. It was very light and laced with coconut. Probably our favorite of the bunch.

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