Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mexico City - More Miscellaneous Pictures

Jacaranda trees are all over Mexico City, and are in full bloom at the moment. The back courtyard of the Sectretaria de Educación Publica is filled with them. It makes for a great setting to view the huge number of Diego Rivera murals here.

Coconut filled candied lime from Dulceria de Celaya.

Preparing the set-up for tacos al pastor.

Rotisserie chicken is a big thing in Mexico. They serve up whole or half chicken on location or to go, usually accompanied by tortillas, rice and a little bag of salsa.

The corrugated tin exterior of parts of the Mercado Jamaica are covered with a large mural. The market itself is known for its large selection of fresh flowers.

There is a "Turibus" which does a roughly two and half hour tour of central Mexico City. We had heard good things about it, and planned to take it, but during Semana Santa it proved to crowded as all the locals with time off work turned up.

We stopped in at the Dolores Olmeda museum on our way to Xochimilco. It is set on the grounds owned by the late Dolores Olmeda Patiño, lover of Diego Rivera and lover of hairless dogs. In addition to a fine collection of works by Rivera and Frida Kahlo, it houses a collection of "Perros Xoloitzcuintles". The large one in the photo below is a statue. Thee smaller one is not.

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