Monday, February 25, 2008

Oaxaca - More Cooking Class Dishes

The star dish for our cooking class meal was Mole Coloradito Oaxaqueño. Above are the ingredients, and here are the chiles being run through a food mill after toasting and soaking.

The Mole was cooked slowly over coals. When it was finished, it was served with chicken that was poached separately. Unfortunately I completely forgot to get a picture of the final product for this dish and most of the others - I was too busy eating...

Soups are a very common part of a Mexican meal. We had Sopa de Ajo con Flor de Calabaza. Loads of sliced garlic was softened in oil making it very sweet and flavorful, clear chicken broth made the base of the soup. The squash flowers were very attractive and had a light, delicate flavor.

We also had a gigantic Ensalada de Verduras Asadas. After marinating in a (not exactly Mexican) soy-balsamic mixture, the vegetables were cooked on the grill.

Dessert was a fantastic Budin de Chocolate Oaxaqueño. This was the prep:

And the final product:

Along with the Pipián and Tetelas, it was quite the meal.


  1. Oh, beautiful pics! and how timely--I am looking for a cooking class in Oaxaca this summer. Would you recommend this one? thanks!

  2. Hi Joy - I would absolutely recommend Seasons Of My Heart. Our class was fantastic. I've heard good things about other cooking classes in Oaxaca as well - my guess is that it is hard to go too wrong with any of them.


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