Saturday, March 22, 2008

Veracruz - Café Lechero at Gran Café de la Parroquia

Gran Café de la Parroquia is an institution in Veracruz. I took the above picture in the late morning when it was quiet, but come evening the place gets packed.

The reason people come is for Café Lechero. In essence, it isn't much different than cafe con leche/latte/au lait, it is more the presentation that makes Lechero special.

You are served a glass partly filled with strong coffee. The waiter then clinks on your glass with a spoon.

Another roaming waiter brandishing a kettle comes by and artfully pours a tall stream of scaldingly hot milk into your glass. It is quite the production, and the end result tastes good, too.

Here is a video I found that gives you a feel for the process.


  1. Is the best coffe I have ever tried. And you can have it as strong as you want.

  2. We went to have coffee there and we miss the coffee, I dream of returning to Vera Cruz, to the Gran Café de la Parroquia. My Wife Teresa was born here, I aleast have the preasure of keeping the best of Vera Cruz, My Wife

  3. I have been looking for this on the internet, I first watched on a Scooby Doo Movie, LOL... "The Monster of Mexico". Thanks for sharing.

  4. Best cofeee in the world! The prices are great

  5. Too funny- I'm watching "Scooby Doo: The Monster of Mexico" right now and it's the whole reason for looking us 'cafe lechero'!

    Great post, btw. Very informative :)

  6. I have to agree, it is the BEST COFFEE, I have ever had. My first time I had this was a couple days ago and miss it. Going back to Veracruz, to see my Love and to drink this 'Cafe Lechero'

  7. is there a store in the US where i can purchase coffee?

    1. I don't think that there is anything particularly special about the coffee itself - more the technique of adding the milk (and, of course, the atmosphere).

  8. You can have it at home. Get some espresso, sweeten to your liking..then add heated milk (shut off just before it starts to boil). That is how Puerto Ricans have drank it forever, best way to drink it!


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