Thursday, March 20, 2008

Veracruz - Breakfast at Antojitos Lolita

We happened across this place while looking for breakfast our first morning in Veracruz, and boy were were glad we did. They had a bunch of variations on Mexican breakfast that we'd never had before. Have I mentioned yet that we love Mexican breakfast?

First up was Hueovos Cubanos. You can hardly even see the fried eggs under the lake of (very tasty) pureed frijoles. The fried plantains and meaty pieces of bacon were also great. In particular, we really liked the sweetness of the plantain mixed with the savory of the frijoles.

Huevos Veracruzanos was fluffy scrambled egg wrapped in corn tortillas and then also flooded with frijoles. Topped with spicy chorizo and jalepeños, drizzled with crema and sprinkled with queso fresco. Fantastic.

Since we'd had such a great breakfast on our first visit, we came back again on our last morning in Veracruz. This time it was Heuvos Motuleños - two fried eggs in a stack with ham, corn tortillas and frijoles, decorated with fried plantains and avocado slices, and topped with a few peas for good measure.

And finally, Huevos Divorciados. This wasn't a new one for us, but we like to order it in different places because it gives us a chance to taste both the green and red salsas. In this case, the red was very good and the green a bit lacking (just spicy and without much flavor). Divorciados usually come over corn tortillas, but in this case they were separated by a bed of chilaquiles instead.

Antojitos Lolita is located on 16 de Septiembre between Escobedo and E. Zapata.

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  1. You forgot the famouse Veracruz delicacies 'gorda' and 'picadas' that are served there for breakfast to say nothing of the best pastel tres leches (three milk cake) ever made!


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