Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oaxaca - Mole Coloradito

The dish above is our version of Enmoladas de Pollo - corn tortillas filled with shredded chicken and then topped with Mole Coloradito.

We've become big fans of Mole Coloradito. We like it much better than the darker moles, such as Mole Negro. It isn't too sweet and has a complex savory base with a nice kick of heat. After having it in our cooking class, we wanted to try making it ourselves.

Instead of making it from scratch (which we want to do when we get home), we purchased mole paste from our local mercado. They sell it in little bags like this:

The first time we made it we just added chicken stock, and it tasted great. The stock was made from scratch - using chicken bought from our favorite chicken lady at the mercado:

Her chickens weren't necessarily the prettiest, but they tasted great, and she was very nice. Here are the chicken bits about to be turned into stock:

After we made our first mole, we talked with the mole paste vendor about it and she admonished us for not adding tomato puree. We made it again, this time with tomato, and it was even better.

This is Mole Coloradito over a poached piece of chicken (in this case a thigh) - the way it is generally served in Oaxaca.

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