Sunday, March 23, 2008

Veracruz - Fish Market

One of the places we hoped to visit in Veracruz was the downtown fish market. Unfortunately, it was closed at the end of January and moved to a new location. Apparently the vendors didn't want to go, and had to be forcefully removed by riot police. You can find more information here.

We went to the new market ("Plaza del Mar"), and were disappointed. It is a sterile, uninteresting location north of downtown. The fish stalls are not really inviting for public perusal, and while there were a number of fondas around, they had no customers. Unless things change, I wouldn't recommend going. If you do want to go, take a bus marked "Pescadaría" from the east side of Plaza de la Republica.

Fondas still exist at the old market location downtown on Landero y Cos, but they aren't faring much better. No customers to speak of - just annoying hawkers trying desperately to get business.

The only place we saw any evidence of locals in number enjoying seafood was in fondas in and around Mercado Hidalgo. Unfortunately, we didn't go there until our last day, and had already eaten, so we didn't try anything.

Update: I looked more closely at the link I posted above, and it turns out that the restaurants that used to be in the old fish market have moved to a new location - "two blocks from the Zocalo, between the Holiday Inn and across the street from the Post and Telegraph offices".

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