Friday, December 8, 2023

Langkawi - Temonyong Night Market

Langkawi has a night market that rotates daily through various locations. On Thursday nights it is near where we were staying, so we stopped in to see what we could find.

I often find night markets disappointing - either full of non-food items or food I'm not interested in. This market was very food centric, and had a lot of appealing things to eat.

We started with some nice-looking grilled chicken on a stick. It was juicy, and coated in a tasty, spice sauce. Meat on a stick rarely disappoints, and this was no exception.

Next, we saw stand selling murtabak - someting we'd not yet tried. Malaysian murtabak consist of a roti-like wrapper stuffed with various fillings - usually egg with vegetables and sometimes meat.

We got one with chicken. The vegetable seemed to be primarily cabbage. It was mildly flavored, but tasty and very filling.

Needing just a little bit more to fill us up, we got some fried chicken. It had a salty, spicy coating and was delicous.

The market had a great buzz, and was being frequented by a lot of people - tourists and locals alike. Great place to grab a bit to eat.

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