Sunday, December 17, 2023

Da Nang - Grilled Meats at Hai Còi and Cay Xè

Craving something grilled, we stopped in for some chicken at Hai Còi. There are a number of similar "chân/cánh" (feet/wing) places within a block or so - we chose this one because it had a good vibe going on.

Although translated on the menu as "chicken legs", "chân gà" really means chicken feet. We enjoy braised chicken feet, but it turns out they aren't super interesting grilled - there just really isn't anything that can be easily eaten on them.

The chicken wings (cánh gà), on the other hand, were incredibly delicious.

Another night after a few drinks in the expat area of Da Nang, we happened to round a corner and stumble upon another collection of grilled meat stalls.

We stopped at one called Cay Xè for some grilled pork.

The tables are set up with holes to accomodate a charcoal grill.

We ordered some pork belly (I think) and they recommended something called "pork frills" (điểm nướng) - not sure what park of the pig that is, but it was tasty.

Interestingly, the setup came with kimchi - I think probably due to the increasing tourism the area is getting from Korea?

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