Monday, December 18, 2023

Da Nang - Bún Mắm Bé Hà

We happened to find a little shop on a residential street selling bún mắm (a new dish for us), so we stopped in for an early lunch.

Bún mắm consists of rice noodles with a funky fermented shrimp sauce and various meats. We got a version with some sliced pork and cold cuts.

The combination of the sauce and some of the cold cuts being fermented tipped the scales a bit too much toward the "funk" for me, but it was a fun dish to try and the people running the place were super nice.

Although we'd come for bún mắm, we noticed that they also had bánh bèo - so we got an order. They were fantastic. So much so that we came back again on our last morning in Da Nang and had an order each.

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