Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Taipei - Shilin Night Market

We were back in Taipei for a few nights at the end of our trip before flying home, and Shilin Night Market was still on our list of places to try.

Shilin is the largest of the Taipei night markets - encompassing several square blocks full of wares being sold, games being played and (most importantly) food being eaten.

This stand had us at meat-on-a-stick. We happily chomped through three of the grilled pork sausages.

This lady caught our attention, and we tried a couple of her pastries - one scallion and one salty radish.

The scallion one was very good, but we really fell in love with the salty radish (daikon) version.

As if the street-level sprawl of Shilin wasn't enough, there is also a large, underground food court.

We waded our way through the hordes of people, checking out the various stalls.

The above place was selling "coffin toast" - a hollowed out toast sandwich filled with a variety of questionable fillings.

This Teppanyaki stall was doing a good business. We'd seen this style in Taipei before, near the Ningxia night market - the customers are served on minimalist rectangles of foil, which presumably keeps things hot while they eat.

Prices everywhere were very reasonable, and seemed quite consistent from stall to stall. A picture of spicy wontons at one stall finally convinced us to commit and sit down.

Above are the pre-mentioned wontons. Nothing amazing, but very tasty.

We also got an order of lu rou fan and some greens.

A very satisfying and inexpensive meal in a fun, vibrant setting.

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