Sunday, January 6, 2019

Kuala Lumpur - Chow Kit Market and Vicinity

For the second part of our stay in Kuala Lumpur, we were in the Chow Kit neighborhood, the heart of which is the Chow Kit Market. We walked through it multiple times and at different times of day as it always seemed to be on the way from our hotel to somewhere else.

During the day, the market is a very colorful and dynamic place, with a large fruit and vegetable section that is covered, but still very open-air.

The section selling animal bits is more covered.

A huge variety of meat, fish and poultry is on offer.

We walked past on a number of nights, and the meat section was still fascinating to look at even as it was closing down.

With the main produce market closed for the evening, a secondary set of stalls starts up.

One night we walked along the market row with the twin Petronas Towers lit up in the background and the call to prayer from a local mosque washing over everything.

Our destination was Restoran Rose - a place that serves up a variety of Indonesian fare.

On this night, we were after Satay. They had their skewers all prepped and ready to go:

Some fumbling mixed-language interaction revealed that the decisions to make were what protein we wanted, and whether it would be sweet or not.

We went for two combos of beef and chicken skewers - this one was the non-sweet version:

The skewers were small, but tasty. The sauce was savory and plentiful, and there were chunks of Nasi Impit (a simple, dense rice cake) in it to add more sustenance to the dish and use to sop up the sauce.

The second combo we ordered was the "sweet" one, which turned out to be a peanut sauce:

The sauce was thick and not overly sweet - again served with the chunks of nasi impit.

We washed everything down with some tea and enjoyed the scene. Overall, it was a fun and inexpensive meal in a pleasant setting.

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