Saturday, February 17, 2018

Chiang Mai - Street Food Snacks

Outside of regular meals (and sometimes in place of them), we sampled various street foods during our time in Chiang Mai.

One evening, after having some beef noodle soup near the Old City south gate, we saw a stall (pictured above) selling various grilled meats. We'd been wanting to try some Thai sausages, so we grabbed some Sai Oua.

On our way back to our hotel, we saw a little cart grilling up another type of sausage - Sai Krok Isan.

Neither sausage was amazing, but they made for a nice late-night snack.

On another day, we found ourselves walking about and saw a guy grilling up squid skewers.

It was around the time school got out and he was being well patronized by the local kids, so we figured it was a good bet and grabbed ourselves a few skewers.

A bit chewy, but really nice flavor and a fun street-side treat.

We had seen various stands selling coconut-flavored rice pancakes, and we finally pulled the trigger on some:

Soft and sweet with lots of coconut flavor.

We had also seen pieces of durian for sale all over the place. We'd never tried it before, so we had to get some:

We liked it a lot - it had a really nice custard-like flavor. The smell was not off-putting at all. It was not durian season, though - maybe they are more pungent then?

Our hotel was very firm on the durian issue, so obviously it can sometimes be a problem...

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