Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Chiang Mai North Gate - Cowboy Hat Lady Khao Kha Moo and Suki Koka

Still hungry after some snacking at the Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market, we needed a bit more to eat so we headed up to the north gate of the old city area - Pratu Chang Phueak.

Just north across the moat of water that encircles (or more accurately "ensquares") the old city is a hotbed of street food that sets up at night. The centerpiece of this activity is the Cowboy Hat Lady, serving up her Khao Kah Moo (pork leg rice).

Leg of pork stewed in a cauldron of spiced broth and then chopped up to order, served with a perfectly cooked egg.

Our hastily-snapped low light picture doesn't do the dish justice. We also didn't capture the tasty pickled green veg that was served on the side.

A very satisfying meal in a convivial atmosphere.

We found ourselves back in the same area and hungry again later in our visit to Chiang Mai. This time our sights were set on Suki Koka, a stand selling Thai "suki".

Thai suki is a dish evolved from Japanese sukiyaki. I'm not sure of all the forms it takes in Thailand, but this street version was not a hot pot dish at all, but rather stir-fried to order.

Napa cabbage and pork, with soft curds of egg and some glass noodles. A dipping sauce on the side added extra punches of flavor.

We liked it a lot, and the locals obviously agreed since the place was jam packed from when we arrived until the time we left.

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