Monday, January 15, 2018

Singapore - Tip Top Curry Puffs

We love a good meat-filled pastry, which in Singapore means curry puffs. We set out one night on a quest to get ourselves some.

Our destination was Tip Top Curry Puff, where we ordered an assortment from the friendly staff (who were quite amused with my picture taking).

First up was the chicken curry puff:

Rich curry flavor, with chicken and some hard-boiled egg. Very tasty.

Next up, the tom yum puff:

Also very good, with strong flavors of lemongrass.

Probably our favorite of the puffs was the chicken with salted egg puff:

It is hard to explain why we liked this one the best - the flavors just went together really well.

We didn't manage to try beef rendang as a dish while we were in Singapore, but at least we got to try it in puff form:

Deliciously deep and condensed down meaty flavors.

All of the puffs had the same golden, crispy pastry crust. Probably not the healthiest "dinner", but we really enjoyed it.

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