Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Singapore - Tiong Bahru Market: Fish Ball Noodle, Fried Kway Teow and Chwee Kueh

After our breakfast of Kaya Toast, we headed out to Tiong Bahru Market for lunch. The first floor of the building is a wet market, which was already winding down as we arrived. The food court is upstairs on the second floor.

We started with our first (but definitely far from our last) bowl of fish ball noodles at a stall called Hui Ji.

They had all sorts of stuff available in their display. I'm guessing that those more in the know could completely customize their bowl - I just ordered the larger of their two standard options.

There was a lot going on here:

and it was all delicious. Multiple kinds of fish balls, some dumplings, some pieces of pork and noodles.

 It was served with a bit of soup and an intense sauce, with extra soup provided.

Next up was fried kway teow:

They painstakingly put together each portion of kway teow - I guess to get exactly the right amount of each ingredient - before frying it up. I identified sliced fish cake, noodles, sausage and bean sprouts.

Unfortunately, it was pretty heavy, greasy and just not that flavorful. We had no problem eating it, but either this isn't a dish for me or this wasn't a great version. I suspect a combination of the two.

We rounded out our lunch with chwee kueh - spelled "shui" here at the Jian Bo stall.

Chwee kueh are steamed rice cakes topped with a preserved radish and chili. These were interesting and we really enjoyed them - the radish topping had an almost meaty taste to it. This batch was plenty for the two of us, though.

As with all of the hawker centres we visited in Singapore, we barely scratched the surface here at Tiong Bahru Market. So much interesting food in this city.

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