Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Kata Beach - Beaches, Russians, Ska Bar and Meat on a Stick

Arriving for the first time in Thailand I expected culture shock. Staying in Kata Beach in the Phuket tourist zone I expected tourists. I didn't expect both the culture shock and the tourist overload to be Russian.

It turns out that there are a *lot* of Russians vacationing in Kata Beach.

Despite the Slavic overload, it was a very pretty place to be. Our daily routine was to walk the length of the beach, stopping for a swim or two along the way.

On our first such excursion, we noticed a little outdoor bar built into the rocks at the south end of the beach. We stopped for a few beers, and just like that Ska Bar became officially part of our daily routine.

After our beverages at Ska, we needed something to eat and there is no better first meal in a new country than meat-on-a-stick.

This stand was set up in front of a convenience store and they were doing a brisk business.

We tried the pork, the chicken, and the "smart" chicken:

The "smart" chicken turned out to be chicken hearts. Not sure where the "smart" comes from, but they were quite tasty, as were the other skewers.

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