Thursday, December 7, 2017

Hong Kong - Noodle Soups at Sister Wah, Wing Kee and Tsim Chai Kee

It is hard to explain why I liked Sister Wah's brisket noodle soup so much. There isn't much to it - a clear beef broth with slices of tender brisket and your choice of noodle (we preferred the wide rice noodle).

The curry version is tasty, too, but for us the simple clear soup version was the winner. When we flew back into Hong Kong at the end of our trip, the first thing we did was rush out to Sister Wah to get there before they closed at 11:00pm.

Wing Kee Noodle is a build-your-own bowl (cart noodle) joint serving up inexpensive bowls to a bustling clientele. When we arrived, there was a long line out the door, but it moved quickly and we needed the extra time to figure out what to order.

 I got brisket (called "flake" on the menu), beef ball, and radish:

Sherry got pork neck, sausage and radish:

Both bowls were very tasty.

The day we flew home from Hong Kong, we managed to fit in one more bowl of noodle soup - this time at Tsim Chai Kee:

Busy place, with friendly staff and patrons. They only have a few options on the menu - fish ball, shrimp wonton, beef, or any combination of the three. We each got a bowl of all three and wow was it overflowing! I really liked the shrimp wonton - nice, big chunks of shrimp. The fish cake was huge - we could barely lift it with our chopsticks.

Overall, a very good send-off home from Hong Kong.

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