Monday, December 18, 2017

Hong Kong - Chun Yeung Street and the North Point Tram

One of our favorite things that we did in Hong Kong was to ride the "Ding Ding" trams. They are fun to ride, cover Hong Kong from West to East, and only cost $2.3HK (or about 30 cents US).

Our favorite tram ride was the North Point tram. One day we were wandering around North Point when we came across the Chun Yueng Street wet market. As we were wandering around the market, a tram came right up through the street, scattering shoppers left and right.

The Eastbound North Point tram terminates here, and uses the street the market is on to turn around. Over the course of our two stays in Hong Kong, I think we ended up riding the tram through the market three or four times. The market is very close to the North Point Tim Ho Wan location, so it makes a perfect stop before or after having dim sum.

Here is a video I took from the tram as it traveled through the market street:

The market is well worth walking around on foot as well.

It is packed with vendors selling produce.



Various dried goods.


Pretty much anything you could possible need.

There is even a little to-go dim sum stall in the middle of the block.

We bought some pork and vegetable buns here on one of our visits. Inexpensive, and very tasty.

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