Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hong Kong - Egg Tart ("daan taat") Obsession

We ate egg tarts every single day we were in Hong Kong. Sometimes more than one. Sometimes more than two. Obsession? Maybe, but I will not apologize for our behavior.

Particularly in the morning, a warm egg tart ("daan taat" in Cantonese) snatched from the tray in a bakery storefront window is a wonderful thing.

Pictured above, the egg tarts from Violet Cake Shop in Causeway Bay were some of the prettiest we had.

My favorite egg tart in Hong Kong, though? Whichever one I currently held in my hand. Most often, it was this one from Likey Bakery:

Likey Bakery was just down the street from our hotel in Causeway bay, and as such it provided both our first egg tart and our most re-occuring.

One morning we watched with horror as the patron in front of us absconded with all but the last tart from the tray. We were forced to share, when we *really* wanted one each.

Egg tarts come in two varieties - cookie crust and fluffy puff pastry crust. I fully expected to like the puff pastry version better, but I wound up solidly in the cookie crust camp. Don't get me wrong, though - the puff pastry version is damned good, too. The above version is from Dragon Ball Bakery.

Perhaps the most "famous" egg tart we had was this one:

It was from Honolulu Coffee Shop in Wan Chai. Was it good? Yes. Better than the others? Like I said, my favorite egg tart was whichever one I currently held in my hand.

My recommendation for egg tarts in Hong Kong is eat them early and often.


  1. That's interesting....because I really don't enjoy these as much anymore since I had Pastel de Nata in Lisbon.

    1. I love Pastel de Nata as well. I also had them on a visit to Lisbon, but it has been many years since I've had one.


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