Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My New Camera Takes Offal Pictures

Smoked Pork Tongue

For years now, I've been plugging away with my little canon point-and-shoot while coveting each new generation of digital SLR cameras that comes out. Last week, I finally took the plunge and gave myself an early birthday present in the form of a Canon T2i.

What better way to break in the new toy than with some pictures of tasty pig parts? Pictured above is smoked pork tongue with a vinaigrette. We were making Coppa di Testa and had a tongue leftover, so we brined it and smoked it at the same time as some slabs of bacon we were doing. Good stuff.

Speaking of the testa, we did a post on Warm Testa with Waxy Potatoes (a recipe from the Babbo Cookbook) way back in 2007. It was a good then, and it is still a good dish now:

Warm Testa with Waxy Potatoes

And we never make a batch of testa without doing some Testa on Toast...

Testa on Toast

So far I'm really pleased with the new camera, although I haven't done much beyond fully automated shooting yet. It does hi def video, so we might have to try our hands at some food in motion. We'll see...


  1. lol, love the name of the post and congrats on the new fancy schmancy camera! Although I think your pictures were beautiful with the point-n-shoot, the new pictures are so sharp and details are pretty amazing.

    Coincidentally, I was looking at digital cameras the other weekend which made the Mister blurt out nervously, "Why are you looking at cameras!" More of an exclamation than a question actually. hehe, just my way of keeping him on his toes.

  2. Thanks, Carol!

    The downside of the new camera is that the image files are ginormous. Fortunately, hard drive storage is cheap.

  3. Wow, that looks fantastic. Nicely done (and I'm jealous on the camera). Congrats.

  4. Thanks Bbq Dude - it is definitely a fun new toy.

  5. We are also currently starting to look for a DSLR camera. Do you have any prefered webpages you used to compare cameras or read reviews ? And you mentioned in one comment that the image files are huge with the new camera. Just out of curiousity how many MB do they have now with the new camera ?

  6. For camera review sites, I've always liked dpreview. I also find the reviews on Amazon useful.

    As for the file size, it depends on the camera settings and the photo subject. I've been shooting at the highest resolution on the T2i, which is 5184x3456. I'm not sure what the RAW size is, but with high quality JPEG I've been getting photos in the 4 to 7+ MB range.

  7. Congrats on the new camera Mike! My main workhorse used to be a Canon SD1000 Elph and I still prefer it in certain lighting conditions (colors are just so natural). I have it strapped on my ankle like Don Johnson in Miami Vice as a back up, haha. I agree with Carol, I still very much enjoyed your photos either way. My friend just got a Sony NEX-5 and it's performance-to-compactness is fantastic. Still has a bit too much presence for me when eating out, so I love my discreet Canon S90 to date. But for your indoor kitchen/dining table shots, I'd love to own a DSLR too. :) Looking forward to your future posts! Cheers

  8. Hi Dennis - I definitely haven't retired my little point-and-shoot. I love my new camera, but I don't plan on lugging it around everywhere.

  9. I'm so jealous of your early present. I have yet to switch over :(

  10. Hi Liz - I have yet to do the new camera justice, but I'm slowing learning.


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