Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Redux - Some Past Dishes

Yams with Moroccan Compound Butter

We're doing a traditional Thanksgiving meal with family this year, but many times it is just the two of us. Given that, we often try to find a way to do something other than a whole turkey. We also like to try twists on the traditional holiday meal, while still keeping the spirit intact.

Here are a few dishes we've done in years past:

Rolled Turkey Leg Stuffed Thanksgiving-StyleRolled Turkey Leg Stuffed Thanksgiving-Style

We're both dark meat people, so a meal composed solely of the leg and thigh is perfect for us. The stuffing inside keeps things solidly Thanksgiving-y.

Add a sausage in the middle for extra credit.
Thanksgiving Stuffing Croquettes with a Gravy CenterThanksgiving Stuffing Croquettes with a Gravy Center

We invented these little guys last year - a ball of stuffing filled with bits of turkey, coasted in panko crumbs and deep-fried. The molten gravy in the center seals the deal.
Roasted Yams with Moroccan-Spiced Compound ButterRoasted Yams with Moroccan-Spiced Compound Butter

Yams go really well with North African flavors. The simple addition of this compound butter takes a standard holiday side dish in a completely different, delicious direction.
Smoked Turkey BreastSmoked Turkey Breast

And of course we can't forget the smoker...

Have a great and food-filled holiday!


  1. Ooo I'd like some of those croquettes

  2. As always, you two come up with some great ideas. I love the idea of the stuffed turkey leg roll. Wonder if that can be turned into a turducken leg roll without too much hassle?

  3. Hi Carol - I think that could work, particularly if you omitted the stuffing.

  4. Just found your website and so glad I did, everything looks incredible. I just got a DSLR last month too and am loving it so far. Can't wait to read more.

  5. Hi Stephanie - glad you are enjoying the site, and your new camera!


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