Thursday, April 10, 2008

Testa on Toast

We made second batch of Testa the other day (you can find the Coppa di Testa recipe here), and it turned out nicely again. We used less tongue this time and added more of the gelatinous "face bits".

Yesterday night we had it served cold on toast as an appetizer. Great savory flavor with a sharp accent from the pickled shallots on top.


  1. Presentation looks great. Better than the pics in Babbo, my pics, and really the best Testa pics I have ever seen. Looks tasty...

    Testa was a one time gig for me... but maybe I should do it again...

    Cheers and thanks for sharing


  2. looks amazing what do you know about testina?

  3. Funny - we just had testa on toast for breakfast this morning!

    I don't know much about testina other than what I've found online. It looks very cool, if a bit intimidating.


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