Friday, August 29, 2008

Curry for Breakfast - Khima and Eggs

Khima and Eggs

I don't know why we've never thought of having curry for breakfast before. After all, we love the bold flavors of Mexican food for breakfast.

It turns out that the spicy complexity of leftover curry makes a perfect complement to eggs. This time, our curry was Khima, and we poached the eggs in it - much like making Eggs in Purgatory.

Khima and Eggs

The curry itself was a new one for us. Khima (or Kheema, Keema or Qeema), is a minced meat dish - generally made with lamb. The recipe comes from My Bombay Kitchen, a book of Parsi recipes we have been cooking out of lately. The style is quite different from the more Balti-inspired curries we became accustomed to while living in the UK.

Here is the Khima as it was in its non-leftover state:


Even after using it for breakfast, we still had some extra. It worked very well as a topping for a grilled pizza:

Khima Grilled Pizza

Unfortunately, we're out of leftovers now, but I'm thinking that next time it will make a great base for a spiced-up shepherd's pie...


  1. What a great use of leftovers. I use leftovers for breakfast quite frequently.

    I would like to try the Kima curry, it looks delicious, even on a pizza ;-)

  2. Hi koko - the Khima is definitely a good curry. We've really liked everything we've made so far from the My Bombay Kitchen cookbook.

  3. As soon as I see a soft egg split open like in the first pic I am sold on the recipe. The fact this uses a spicy base is an added incentive to try it.


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