Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Green Chile In Albuquerque - Breakfast At Frontier Restaurant

Frontier in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Looking for a hearty, old-school New Mexican breakfast to fuel a long drive west, we stopped in at Frontier Restaurant. Located just across the street from the University of New Mexico campus, Frontier has been serving up Southwestern fare since 1971.

Menu at Frontier

When you get up to order, you'd better know what you want. Frontier is a surprisingly large place and serves a lot of people quickly.

I knew exactly what I wanted - a breakfast burrito smothered in green chile. You order the green chile as a side dish (it is listed as "green chile stew"):

Green Chile at Frontier

Green Chile Breakfast Burrito in construction:

Adding Green Chile to a Breakfast Burrito at Frontier

And the final product:

Green Chile Breakfast Burrito at Frontier

Attractive? Not so much. Tasty? Absolutely! Not tasty enough to make me forget about Sam's #3 in Denver, but still pretty good.

Wanting to add a little color contrast to our meal, Sherry ordered chicken enchiladas with red sauce. Definitely prettier than my burrito, but the flavors were pretty uninteresting (improved, though, by the addition of some of the green chile stew).

Chicken Enchiladas at Frontier

So, just a brief stop in New Mexico. Not nearly enough time to do the fantastic food in the area justice, but at least we managed to get our green chile fix.


  1. While I enjoy your linking of posts to give context, I would like to point out that you appear to be wearing the same shirt in both photos. Which leads me to believe that shirt is your "green chile burrito eating shirt"


  2. Busted! Actually, it is more of a road-trip shirt. Correlation, not causation...

  3. For next time, you can get chopped roasted GC in your burrito as well. You can't have enough GC.


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