Thursday, August 7, 2008

Green Chile Cheeseburgers at Blake's Lotaburger

Green Chile Double-Cheesburger at Lotaburger

As we passed through Albuquerque on our way back home, our main mission was to get a green chile cheeseburger. But where? We ended up settling on Blake's Lotaburger. With 78 stores, Lotaburger is hardly a mom and pop operation, but the locations are all in the Albuquerque area.

Blake's Lotaburger in Albuquerque, New Mexico

There is no green chile cheesburger on the menu - you order the green chile as an extra item. I love New Mexican green chiles - there is something almost addictive about their combination of flavor and heat.

My double burger (pictured at the top of the post) was great, but Sherry's single was even better. It had the same amount of green chile but less meat, resulting in a more intense chile experience.

Green Chile Cheeseburger at Lotaburger

To complement our chile, we also had some chili. Chili-cheese fries, that is...

Chili-Cheese Fries at Lotaburger

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  1. Hey Michael - 78 locations...that's a lot-a-burgers! Sorry, couldn't help myself. ;o)


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