Monday, November 5, 2018

Taipei - Tonghua / Linjiang Street Day Market and Fried Pork Rib Soup

It was a rainy day in Taipei and we needed lunch, so we headed out to find a restaurant we had seen a few days before.

No idea what this place is called, but we saw it in a CupofTJ YouTube video. She didn't give the address, but we stumbled upon it when visiting the Tonghua / Linjiang Street Night Market. It is on the corner of Linjiang and Tongan streets.

This dish ("排骨酥湯") was the main event at the shop - braised pork ribs that seem to have been coated with a mixture of spices and then fried, before being returned to the broth and served with noodles and a chunk of daikon.

We also had a side of braised cabbage - soft and savory.

The ribs were super soft and buttery under the external fried coating. As the ribs sat in the soup, it began to take on more and more of the complex flavor from the rib spices. Delicious.

The place was doing a brisk business of people ducking in out of the rain into the warmly lit shop for a bowl of hot soup.

It turns out that the Tonghua / Linjiang Street area is not only a night market, but also a day market. After our lunch we enjoyed walking along the wet shiny streets amid a sea of umbrellas.

Coming out the other side, we found ourselves near the famous Taipei 101 skyscraper, so we headed over for a closer look.

We'd seen it lit up at night, but it seemed even more majestic disappearing into a swirl of cloud.

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