Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Da Nang - Bánh Bèo, Bánh Ướt and Ram Ít at Quán Tâm

Bánh Bèo are rice cakes steamed in little saucers. We've had mixed success trying to make them at home, so we were very much looking forward to trying them made professionally for the first time.

Our first item of business upon arrival in Da Nang was to head to a little shop called Quán Tâm.

We ordered a mixed plate of Bánh Bèo, Bánh Ướt and Ram Ít. It is hard too see here, but the Bánh Bèo are discs (they have been removed from their steaming saucers) topped with pork floss a little bits of shrimp.

Bánh Ướt are rice rolls - much like Bánh Cuốn. Ram Ít turned out to be a little steamed rice cake on top of a fried rice cake with some pork/shrimp mixture in the middle. Great taste and texture combo.

There was also a plate of various leaf-wrapped packages at the table.

Note sure exactly what this was, but it reminded us of the fermented pork sausage you often get with bánh cuốn. Firm jelly texture, and a slightly sour taste.

Another package revealed a chunk of steamed pork-like somthing - I think the same stuff that was sliced as an adornment to the combo plate we ordered.

All in all, a fun light lunch in a comfortable, friendly setting.

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