Monday, May 16, 2011

Some Dishes With Fishes - Round Three

Another edition of our continuing "Dishes With Fishes" series.

You can find round one here and round two here.

Mano de Leon Sea Scallop with Red Curry Sauce
Mano de Leon Sea Scallops with Red Curry Sauce

A fun idea we came up with a few days ago. The sauce is rich and intense and went beautifully with the flavor and texture of the scallops. We'll make this again for sure.

Corvina Sea Bass al Pil-Pil
Sea Bass al Pil-Pil

We've been wanting to try the Basque "Pil-Pil" technique for a while now. The fish (traditionally salt cod) is cooked in oil and then the cooking oil is emulsified into a sauce by swirling the fish around in it.

Instead of using salt cod, we used fresh Baja corvina sea bass. I was worried that it would fall apart, but it held up fairly well and was very soft and moist. The sauce, which got some extra flavor from a quick stock made from the fish trimmings, was fantastic.

Asian-Spiced Kedgeree with Opah (Moonfish)

This Thai-influenced twist on kedgeree from Nigella Lawson is a go-to comfort food dish for us. Even when I'm in a "nothing sounds good" mood, it still always sounds good. Her version calls for salmon, but we just use whatever fish we have on hand.

White Sea Bass en Pappillote
White Sea Bass en Pappillote

Cooking fish in a parchment paper packet is super-easy, quick and results in a fun presentation. Tearing open the paper and smelling the aromas waft out is a great way to start a meal.

Grilled Mexican White Shrimp with an Ancho Glaze

Just simple grilled shrimp with a glaze made from Ancho chiles. To make the glaze I used the same technique I use to make Chile de Arbol Paste, and then seasoned it with a little vinegar, brown sugar and salt. Oh, and some butter...

Kung Pao Bay Scallops
Kung Pao Bay Scallops

We don't use bay scallops that often since the sea scallops we get are so wonderful. They work really well in Kung Pao, though.

White Sea Bass Ranchero with "Chile Relleno" Vegetables

Grilled fish goes really well with ranchera sauce, which we make by adding some stock and tomato to our Taco Shop Hot Sauce. The vegetables (cauliflower and zucchini) are coated with the same batter we use for chiles rellenos and then fried. Not the prettiest dish, but the flavors are great.


  1. You two always make the best fish dishes. I love the two scallop dishes.

  2. Your photographs are beautiful. Particularly that top scallop photo. Really great.

  3. Carol - scallops are one of my favorite things. The Mano de Leon scallops are particularly nice.

    Bbq Dude - thanks!


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