Thursday, July 24, 2008

Woodford Reserve Distillery

Whiskey Barrel at Woodford Reserve Distillery

The first stop on our Kentucky Bourbon tour was Woodford Reserve Distillery. It is located in a beautiful setting amid the sweeping green fields of Thoroughbred farms. We took a very nice tour (5$) of the facility that goes through all of the phases of the operation.

The massive fermentation tubs boiling with yeast activity are fascinating to watch.

Fermentation at Woodford Reserve Distillery

They do a three-stage distillation using copper stills brought over from Scotland.

Copper Pot Stills at Woodford Reserve Distillery

It is hard to beat the atmosphere of a whiskey warehouse, with barrels of aging spirit stacked from floor to ceiling.

Barrels Aging at Woodford Reserve Distillery

Here is Sherry getting a pour straight out of a barrel. Unfortunately, we were only allowed to smell and not taste (some song and dance about "health regulations").

Sampling a Barrel at Woodford Reserve Distillery

Watching bottling machines is mesmerizing...

Bottling at Woodford Reserve Distillery

And let's not forget the tasting part of the tour. This was the first time we'd had Woodford Reserve. The taste is difficult to characterize, but if I had to describe it I would say that it had notes of toffee, roasted nuts, delicate butterscotch, vanilla, peach and aromatic spices...

Tasting at Woodford Reserve Distillery

Woodford Reserve Distillery
7855 Mccracken Pike
Versailles, Kentucky
(859) 879-1812‎

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