Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fast & French in Charleston - Gaulart & Maliclet

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Walking around Charleston one afternoon, we stumbled across an the interesting storefront of Gaulart & Maliclet French Cafe. A little research revealed that it is a well-loved place, known to the locals as "Fast & French". We stopped in the next day for lunch.

It is all counter seating, with a main counter area in the front looking into the kitchen, and an additional couple of U-shaped counters in the back area.

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We were among the first lunch patrons to arrive around 11:30, but by noon the place was packed. The lunch menu is predominantly soup and salad. All lunch specials come with a free beverage, which includes a glass of house red or white wine. Nice!

I had the "O'Salmon" sandwich - smoked salmon and goat cheese on rye. The salmon was on one piece of bread,and the goat cheese on the other, and they were quite good eaten individually. With it, I had a very nice bowl of gazpacho.

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Sherry had the Croq' Baguette with smoked turkey and a bowl of vichyssoise. Although I was familiar with vichyssoise (a chilled leek and potato soup), neither of us had actually had it before. It was a very enjoyable combination of flavors that we both look forward to having again.

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Service was fast and friendly, and the whole place had a very nice feel about it. Great little spot.

Gaulart & Maliclet "Fast & French"
98 Broad St.
Charleston, South Carolina
(843) 577-9797‎

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