Saturday, July 5, 2008

Overnight in Georgetown, South Carolina

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We had some time to burn before our scheduled meet-up with friends in West Virgina, so we did a quick hop from Charleston to Georgetown. We had lunch along the harbor at Buzz's Roost, where Sherry had a not altogether unrespectable soft-shell crab sandwich. I couldn't really taste the crab in it, but Sherry swears that she could.

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Beer-wise, we didn't have much to work with and ended up with Beach Bum Blonde Ale, a "seasonal" offering from our friends at Anheuser-Busch.

RT - Florida To Carolinas

Buzz's isn't a destination spot by any means, but if you're in Georgetown...

Definitely worth a stop is the Rice Museum. Our tour guide was a very nice lady who seemed quite pleased to have guests. She gave a very interesting overview of the history of the area during the times of rice production.

The museum also houses the remains of an 18th century ship hull that was discovered on the bottom of the Black River. It provides evidence for American shipbuilding nearly fifty years earlier than was previously known. They took the roof off of the building to lower it inside in one piece.

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Our hotel was not in walking distance of downtown Georgetown. Not wanting to drive back in, and frankly a bit weary of restaurants, we decided to eat in.

Here is Sherry's hotel-room prep area:

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The result was very nice - some expertly microwaved country ham along with some much-needed raw veggies.

RT - Florida To Carolinas

Buzz's Roost
717 Front St.
Georgetown, South Carolina
(843) 545-1595‎

Rice Museum
637 Front St.
Georgetown, South Carolina
(843) 546-7423‎

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  1. Buzz's is under new ownership... you should stop by and try it again... Much improved


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