Monday, June 30, 2008

South Carolina Barbecue at Bessinger's

Bessinger's Bar-B-Q Outside of Charleston, South Carolina

Driving into Charleston from Savannah took us past Bessinger's. We were hungry and interested to try South Carolina Barbecue, so we stopped in.

Bessinger's has a buffet and an order-at-the-counter sandwich shop. We opted for the sandwich shop:

Menu at Bessinger's

Southern Carolina barbecue is known for it's mustard-based sauce. Neither of us is a big fan of American yellow mustard, so we tried it with some trepidation.

Here is the chopped pork sandwich:

Chopped Pork Sandwich at Bessinger's

The pork was good, but nothing particularly special. The sauce was less mustardy than expected - more of a vinegar taste, and we had no problem with it at all.

Mustard-Based Barbecue Sauce at Bessinger's

We also tried a few sides. I think this was my first time trying collard greens, so I'm definitely no expert. I really didn't like these - they had an unpleasant, twangy, bitter taste.

Collard Greens at Bessinger's

The fried okra was better, but mostly just tasted like "fried".

Fried Okra at Bessinger's

Overall, Bessinger's was an ok lunch stop, but nothing like the revelation we had eating barbecue in Lockhart, Texas at Kruez Market and Smitty's Market.

Bessinger's Barbecue
1602 Savannah Hwy
Charleston, South Carolina
(843) 556-1354‎

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