Saturday, June 14, 2008

Late Night Eats in New Orleans - The Clover Grill, Coop's and Yo Mama's

The Clover Grill

Late mornings lead to late lunches which lead to late dinners. Which lead to late mornings...

Fortunately, the French Quarter has some good late dining options. We passed the Clover Grill and after a glance in the window had to stop in. Relaxed, campy atmosphere, and pretty decent late-night fare. We had a burger (cooked from frozen, but expertly - which is a skill unto itself) and a perfect grilled cheese.

Inside the Clover Grill

We spent a couple of evenings at Coop's Place - a great bar with good food just off of the beaten path in the French Market.

Coop's Place

Coop's is a difficult place to describe. Hip meets hippie meets geeky. I've read complaints about the service, but we had no issues. I recommend sitting at the bar since they only have two people handling the whole front of the house and might not see you pouting in the corner.

Bartender at Coop's

No food photos (dark and late), but we really enjoyed their rabbit and sausage jambalaya and had a great cup of red beans and rice. The fried chicken was less successful, but others have enjoyed it so it might be a night-by-night thing. We enjoyed drinking the locally brewed Abita IPA - not outstanding, but pretty good, and better than almost anything else you are likely to find beerwise in a NOLA bar.

We had another very successful late-night meal at Yo Mamma's. It's hard to believe that a place can be hidden a block off of Bourbon St., but this place is. Having Pat O'Briens across the street to draw the crowds away probably doesn't hurt...

Yo Mama's

Another burger meal in NOLA, I know, but you can only eat so much gumbo and jambalaya... They do burgers and baked potatoes, and both of them very well. We shared a bacon burger. More of a thin, wide burger than I'm used to, but they still managed the requested medium rare in the middle with great charred flavor on the outside. Very good.

Bacon Burger at Yo Mama's

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  1. I will attest to all these places. Yo Mama's in particular has a great, not merely good burger.


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