Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pandora's Snowballs

Pandora's Snowballs in New Orleans

While taking a ride on the Canal Streetcar toward City Park, we saw a bunch of people standing around a snowball stand. We hopped off at the next stop and walked back.

Snowballs are a big thing here - the shaved ice machine was invented in New Orleans at Hansen's Sno-Bliz. We didn't make it to the original, but Pandora's didn't disappoint.

Pick-Up Window at Pandora's Snowballs

They have a ton of flavors, and people were ordering all sorts of things, from straightforward flavors to more exotic combos like "banana and bubblegum" and "wedding cake with an ice cream top". You could also get your snowball stuffed - with the addition of soft serve ice cream in the middle.

We went conservative and got tangerine:

Tangerine Snowball at Pandora's

Good stuff. These aren't the "sno cones" I remember as a kid at the fair - those had grainy, chunky ice and quickly lost their flavor. This was a fine, soft ice with flavor that went all the way through.

I just wish we'd gotten it stuffed - then it would have been creamsicle flavor...

Happy, we hopped back on the Canal Streetcar and rolled back to our hotel.

Canal Streetcar in New Orleans

Pandora's Snowballs
901 N Carrollton Ave.
New Orleans, LA


  1. i love yalls snowball but i live in texas now :(

  2. Do you have a telephone number?
    I'm from Munich (Germany) and I'm working for the bavarian radio. I just wanna ask any questions for my show this evening.

  3. Sorry, I don't have a phone number for them.


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