Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Road Trip - Buttes, Bocce and Barbecued Turkey

While hanging out at the Buckhorn Tavern in Sierra City, we received an invitation to the weekly Sunday bocce match in town. It was a beautiful September afternoon, so we walked up the road to the scene of the engagement with great views of the Sierra Buttes along the way.

This court is one of three (!!) in the area. You can't complain about the mountain view in the background.

Bocce is a pretty relaxed sport when you are waiting for your turn to play...

Sherry and I got in on the action (after official league play was over, of course) and managed to avoid embarrassing ourselves too much.

On our last night in town, the restaurant was closed but Joanne was hosting a dinner for the local Lions Club. The main course was to be barbecued turkey, which we (ok, mostly Sherry) were enlisted to cook.

Joanne's restaurant cook seemed unconvinced of the advisability of the barbecued turkey idea, and I admit that we had our doubts as well, but they came out perfectly.

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