Sunday, September 9, 2007

Road Trip - Bryce Canyon

After two nights in Zion National Park, we had a nice easy drive over to Bryce Canyon, trading in shear cliff faces for hoodoos.

We were feeling lazy so we just did a hike along the canyon rim, enjoying the views below. Erosion is pretty cool.

Early that evening we got a short thunderstorm. We took shelter under a tree at the edge of the canyon (something we realized later wasn't the smartest idea...) and enjoyed the nice light as the clouds cleared.

After that it was dinner time. We have an easy version of Cassoulet that we make, and it adapted well for camping. Sherry whipped up a little mis en place, picnic table style.

Fires had been prohibited in Zion, so this was our first chance to have a campfire. We took full advantage, and had a nice meal by firelight.

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