Sunday, March 4, 2018

Bangkok - Getting our bearings in Chinatown and Kuai Chap Uan Photchana

Our first evening in Bangkok, we headed out from our hotel on Yaowarat Road in Chinatown into the bustle of the evening street food scene.

Lots of activity, and lots of food. Our first snack was from a stall that was serving up both sweet and savory versions of what I think was Kanom Buang:

We opted for the savory version. Almost like a taco, we weren't quite sure what was in them, but they were tasty.

We had dinner sitting out on the street in the overflow of a place called Uan Photchana.

The dish here is Kuai Chap, a peppery pork soup with a really interesting style of spiral-rolled rice noodle. Served with pieces of pork, a variety of pork offal and an egg, it was delicious.

Right by our hotel, this seafood place was doing a crazy busy business, with a whole brigade of cooks working out on the street:

The next morning, you would never have known it had been there:

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