Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bangkok - Feasting Along Chinatown's Plaeng Nam Road

We didn't have to go far to find food in Bangkok - what with all of the food around Yaowarat Road and the side-streets off of it.

One side-street in particular, Plaeng Nam Road, captured our attention. One night, after having already eaten earlier but needing a little something extra, we were seduced by a satay place.

Beautifully tender and flavorful pork satay with a luxurious peanut dipping sauce. We inhaled these.

We had passed by a place serving up food on hot, steaming skillets a few times and eventually stopped in one night for dinner.

Chilli basil noodle:

Not super attractive, but certainly tasty. Savory and spicy.

We also had their fried oyster omelet (Hoy Tod):

Also very good. Here is the setup where they were getting the skillets piping hot:

When you can eat like this without going much more than a block from your hotel, you know you picked a good place to stay!

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