Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lamb Offal Treats

Sauteed Lamb Kidneys with Onion, Garlic and White Wine

We've had a package of assorted lamb offal tucked away in our freezer for a while now, and we finally got around to putting it to good use. Pictured above is Sautéed Lamb Kidneys with Onion, Garlic and White Wine, from Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan. This was the first time we've tried to cook kidneys, and the dish came out very well. Kidneys, like liver, have a very strong, intense flavor which I really enjoy, but can't eat too much of in one go. Perfect for an appetizer.

After that, we improvised a dish with lamb's heart - we sliced it, seared it quickly, and served it over a potato purée spiced with turmeric and cinnamon with some arugula mixed in.

Lamb's Heart with Turmeric and Arugula Potato Puree

I really love heart in general (beef, chicken, pork - you name it), and this proved no exception. Very good, and it went nicely with the potato - we'll definitely be making this again.

While cooking the previous two dishes, we had lamb tongue simmering in a pot on the back of the stove. The next day, we used it to make tacos:

Lamb Tongue Tacos

Oh yeah!


  1. woow, this looks awesome....and i've never really had heart before...guess i'll have to try it somewhere next time...i hear grilled chicken heart isn't bad.

    and a very nice post on your tripel below! if you guys ever decide to start ur own at home brewin company, i'll be the first to buy a keg! =)

  2. I love that cookbook and have made a few dishes from it. I've never tried kidney recipe but will give that shot next time I see decent kidneys. We are quite fond of offal! :)

  3. Sawyer - definitely give heart a try. It has a much less challenging flavor and texture than liver or kidneys.

    cabcooks - we just got the cookbook recently. We haven't made much from it yet, and we're looking forward to using it more.

  4. Thank You! I have that same package I need to use up but mine has a liver too - how did(would) you do yours? Thanks

  5. Hi Marianne - we had some liver as well. We cooked it using a Portuguese recipe. There is a picture and more info here.


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