Thursday, October 15, 2009


Carnitas Taco

Sherry did a run out to Northgate Market recently, and came back with a bounty of pork products, including half a head. We popped the head in a pot, and slowly simmered it along with some tongues and trotters. Part of the results went into tacos, which were rich, sticky and very satisfying.

The rest went into a small batch of Testa (head cheese):

Coppa di Testa

We had warmed Testa on toast for breakfast this morning, and it really hit the spot.

Warm Testa on Toast

You can find more details on making Testa, along with our recipe for it here: Coppa di Testa.


  1. when i clicked on your coppa di testa link again, i remember always wondering why there was a picture of piglet. guess i should have read the text more carefully. man you guys are hardcore. i love it! btw, what are trotters?

  2. Hi Sawyer - yep, piglet was just there to keep people from seeing things they might not want to see.

    Trotters are pig's feet - they help add gelatin (and flavor).


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