Sunday, December 28, 2008

Smoked Standing Rib Roast

Smoked Rib Roast

So that we aren't giving all of the holiday love to Christmas Eve and its array of fishes, here is a picture of our decidedly non-fishy Christmas Dinner.

Slow smoked with a bit of apple and oak (2 hrs at 210°F), the roast was pulled from the fire at 116°F, then quickly crisped-up in a hot, hot oven (5 minutes at 550°F). We kept the seasonings simple: kosher salt 48 hours prior, followed by freshly cracked black pepper just before roasting.

We had a storm come through in the middle of smoking, but the Weber handled the cold rain quite well - only a brief 30° drop when the downpour started, then back up to temp with only minor adjustments needed.

The meat came out rosy, juicy and delicious. The smokey crust paired beautifully with a mound of celeriac-potato mash and pan-roasted whole carrots.

Happy Holidays!


  1. The idea of a smoked Prime Rib has me salivating....slurp!

  2. Hi Peter - the smoking definitely added a whole extra dimension of flavor.

  3. Wow, a feast of the 7 fishes AND prime rib? You guys know how to party! ;-)

    Have you posted your salmon curing method before? Coincidentally I was thinking of making some and have been looking at recipes - yours sounds really good!

    Just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it!

  4. Hi Alice - glad you are liking the blog! We haven't done a cured salmon post yet, but we plan to soon (along with info on cold and hot smoking).

  5. That looks fantastic! I just discovered your blog, it is great. I like the idea of smoking the prime rib, and the smoked meatloaf, wow!
    And I love the charcuterie ideas - thanks for the tip on So Cal pork belly, the Japanese market only has it sliced so I will try the 99 Ranch soon.

  6. Hi Erika - our local Korean market also just has pork belly in strips. It probably have to do with the way it is typically prepared. Ranch 99 (at least the one by us) definitely has nice big sections of belly.


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