Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Triple T Truck Stop (Tucson Truck Terminal)

RT - Texas

A road trip isn't official until you've had your first gut-busting breakfast at a truck stop. This trip, we got things started at Omar's Highway Chef at the Tucson Truck Terminal.

Booths and diner-style counter seating? Check.
Cops having breakfast? Check.
Mullets? Check.
Nice waitress (but don't mess with her!) keeping your coffee constantly full? Check.

Here was the view from my side of the table:

RT - Texas

I went conservative to ease myself into the road-trip lifestyle. My over-easy eggs were perfectly cooked. The bacon was good, but the six pieces or so was a bit much for me to handle. Fine hashbrowns (the buttery, crisped mash style, not the crispy shreds style). Biscuits were good, but the sausage gravy didn't have much flavor.

Sherry went whole hog, ordering the "Omar's Favorite" - 3 cheese enchiladas, shredded beef, 3 eggs any style, and cheddar cheese (plus the beans and rice and tortillas, of course):

RT - Texas

She asked if she could get one with 2 eggs and 2 enchiladas, but was denied. I guess it would violate their minimum calories per person policy. Again, the eggs were perfectly cooked. Everything else was tasty, but unsurprisingly a bit rich and a lot too much.

Omar, who was manning the register as we paid, asked who ordered The Favorite. Followed by "did you finish it?". He mentioned that he was considering putting a smaller one on the menu...

Tucson Truck Terminal
I-10 Exit 268
Tucson, AZ
(520) 574-0050


  1. Wow, that is one huge plate of food....I'd have, ummm, more gas in my body, than in my tank if I ate that! ;o)

  2. When I visited a friend in Tucson she took me there straight from the airport about midnight. Was wonderful. I grew up in Phoenix and now live in Houston but am tempted to go back just to dine there again ... with my friend of course.

    James S. Huggins



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