Monday, January 21, 2008

Off to Mexico City

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So, we're off tomorrow. We'll be spending a couple of days in L.A. and then it is off to Mexico City, where we will be spending two months (mostly in the city, but we also plan to do some traveling in the region).

We spent a week in Mexico City over 10 years ago and loved it. I can hardly wait to be wandering around the city, seeing the sights and experiencing the food.

As part of planning for our trip, we recently picked up a pair of books on the city based on recommendations from chowhound:

Mexico City: An Opinionated Guide for the Curious Traveler, by Jim Johnston, and Good Food in Mexico City: A Guide to Food Stalls, Fondas and Fine Dining, by Nicholas Gilman.

I definitely recommend both books. The authors are expats living in Mexico City. We've enjoyed reading them, and look forward to putting them to good use.

We are taking a laptop on the trip and should have plenty of downtime, so we'll try to keep up with the blog while we are away.


  1. Have fun and cant wait to hear back! I am so jealous! ;)

  2. Thanks so much for recommending our books--you might also check our blog and website for updated information, changes, etc.
    Buen viaje,
    Jim Johnston
    Nicholas Gilman


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